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Braddock Road

The Braddock Road site had previously been deeded by ARHA to the City for a right-of-way easement. After extensive efforts by VHDLLC and ARHA to find replacement housing sites for a HUD HOPE VI revitalization effort, this Braddock Site was deeded back to ARHA for that use. On this site, six townhouse units were built adjacent to 10 existing townhomes in a “U” shaped configuration, blending into the community as if they were always intended to exist as such. During the planning and community outreach process, there were competing interests for design elements. It was the City’s desire that the homes not turn their backs to the street while the community desired that the fronts of the homes face inward and respectfully address the remaining 10 homes in the community. The outcome was that the six new townhomes were designed with two front façades to accommodate the desires of both the City and the community.

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