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Samuel Madden Homes

Project Overview

September 2022

August 2022

May 2022

June 2022

July 2022

October 2022

ARHA Selects Development Team


Concept 1 Site Plan Subittmed to the City's Department of Planning & Zoning

Board of Architectural Review Submission

Concept 2 Site Plan Submitted

General Public Meeting

Section 106 Consulting Parties Meeting

Board of Architectural Review Hearing

Resident Meeting

Alexandria Housing Affordability Advisory Committee (AHAAC) Meeting

Hybrid Braddock Implementation Advisory Group Meeting


Board of Architectural Review Hearing


Resident Meeting 


Concept 3 Site Plan Submitted


Board of Architectural Review Hearing


General Public Meeting


Resident Meeting 


Block party 


Resident Meeting: ARHA to host a Project Update and Property Safety meeting 


2nd Consulting Parties Meeting: to be held August/September


Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan Implementation Advisory Group (BIAG) Meeting to host a meeting 


Landlord and Tenant Relations Board 


Resident Meeting: ARHA to host a Project Update and Alive HUB Presentation


3rd Consulting Parties Meeting: 


Public Meeting: set for 10/4/22.


AHAAC Meeting #2: on 10/6/22.





November 2021

March 2022

April 2022

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Samuel Madden is currently a community made up of 66 ​public housing units across 13 buildings between N. Henry ​and N. Patrick Street​s, where Route 1 splits as it enters the city’s historic Old Town from the north.

ARHA joins development partners Fairstead, Mill Creek Residential and The Communities Group in planning to raze these buildings to construct a new gateway to Alexandria:  two new multifamily buildings which would total over 500 units with many amenities and in an environmentally sustainable community.

The goal is to create a mixed income community, where 1/3 of the units will be for low-income households earning below 30% Area Median Income (AMI), affordable units for households earning between 30%-80% AMI and market rate ​units for households with income above 80% AMI.  The project is designed to activate the greenspace around the site, add art installations to enrich the public space​, and internal courtyards to accommodate the numerous community amenities. The project will also feature ground floor retail spaces and/or services for residents and the greater community, as well as an opportunity for local business.  

 Through an active community engagement process​, ARHA​'s goal is to ensure active resident input in all decision-making.

 This project represents a key part of increasing Alexandria’s stock of affordable housing as well as adding neighborhood retail space.

Project Documents

Green Space WKS

Resident Vision Board

Resident LookAHead

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899 N Henry St.

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