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Old Dominion

Built in 1940/ 2009

This parcel was redeveloped as a mixed-income community including a true spectrum of market rate, workforce, and affordable rentals, allowing for 12 affordable rentals, 10 new townhome-style condominiums for moderate income home buyers -workforce housing, and 8 market rate townhomes. An additional 24 rehabilitated affordable units are located on another parcel of land also fronting Old Dominion Boulevard. The affordable rentals receive subsidies from the public housing program and the workforce homes were offered to eligible purchasers at a significant discount 13% below the appraised market value. Buyers who qualified were able to receive additional City subsidies up to $60,000 toward the purchase if they lived or worked in the City. All purchasers were also potentially eligible to receive a one-half percent interest rate reduction through City programs. Restrictions and resale requirements are detailed in the Deed of Covenants and Restrictions for the Community and are administered by the City Office of Housing.  

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